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TURKFLIX TRAILERS is your one stop place for all your Turkish Entertainment News

At the time of being introduced to the Turkish culture few years ago, it took me by surprise as the Turkish entertainment side of things were never really a keen part of me, but now it’s something I thoroughly enjoy. The Turkish culture is widely popular all over the globe for various reasons, the Turkish cuisine, the shows are very successful in the Middle East, Europe and South America and along with travel and tourism being a key part of the Turkish economy. My first proper show I watched fully and enjoyed was Icerde, before that I watched a little bit of Kara Para Ask. The female in the house have seen shows and movies from the 1750AD.

I was not active at all on Facebook and when I followed some news on Icerde it was apparent that so many people were eager to watch the shows and follow the gossip on the episodes week after week. I took the initiative and decided to do write articles based on the popular shows with my summaries on what happened, what was bad, good and the ugly, and since that day there has been no looking back. I have created TURKFLIX TRAILERS to share my translations on the all or most Turkish Series from season 2017/2018 onwards so all the shows I will watch will have all the fragmans (trailers) translated into english. I would love for everyone to share their views and thoughts on the shows with me. TURKFLIX TRAILERS provides reviews of the most highly regarded Turkish Movies and synopsis of the best Turkish Series produced.
I have created this website to bring you the best of Turkish Entertainment from the seasonal shows to the cinematic experience of the movies. Watching the shows is a brilliant way to learn another language and develop your knowledge and interest in a different culture, although you can not watch in English the translated trialers and reviews will help you get a good idea of the Movie or Series. TURKFLIX TRAILERS has and continues to grow in providing you valuable information on all key areas of the Turkish culture.

I believe it is important to provide articles like this which helps you understand the shows you watch, sometimes what may be eaten at breakfast you may not pay attention to, or a scene showing a dinner table prepared with delicious foods, all this is relevant to understanding the beauty of the Turkish culture.

We at TURKFLIX TRAILERS are a community built on the same interest of watching the highly popular shows week after week, it’s in my interest to do the shows which people really want to watch. I rely on generous donations from people all over the world to help motivate and encourage me for this community to grow and help cover the running costs of the website and the services.

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