There is a ticking bomb inside your son’s brain, and we don’t know when it will explode.

Dad… Am I going to die?

Why do you say that son?

Well Im sick.

They wont give me a loan. Im looking for a job, a job! I will work, I want to earn money. I’m losing my son and I cannot do a thing about it Ege. I cant do anything!

Whatever you do…find that money!

If you know a person ask them why they want the money. The answer they give will tell you what they are scared of, what they have been deprived of and what they dream of. But there is a more serious question… For money, what would you do?

Deniz where are you?

A mistake…

What mistake do you mean?

When people are controlled to a certain point they will do everything. Do you understand?

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