EDA… I know you see that woman Irfan, why do you keep hiding it?

EGE… He is jealous of you… he cant see you with him…he hates him…could this be love?

IRFAN… Find this money no matter what you said.

EDA… Yes I said it!! If I knew that woman was around it I wouldnt have said it!

EDA’S SISTER… Its not good that Ilay is right here ok…but Egeman is more dangerous.

EDA… Hello, Im Eda.

ILAY… Im Ilay pleased to meet you, welcome.

EDA… Thank you

MERT…Sir, I know you have started a ponzi scheme,

AYSE… I swear I will tell no one, I swear, no one!

CENGIZ… I will take my money this time.

MAN… No we decided to withdraw our money.

EGE…. If I go down we all go down. Ilay if Suleyman hears this we will all go down!

ILAY… Ok, so be it! Egeman

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