Yusuf and his family had a quiet and simple life in the forest and making a living by beekeeping. Their quiet life breaks apart when Yakup doesn’t come back home one day, and Yusuf’s journey to bring his father back begins.

Bal is the third and the last movie of the trilogy: “Yumurta, Sut, Bal” directed by Semih Kaplanoglu. The trilogy is a real masterpiece, and has a quite unique and every single detail can touch one’s heart with sorrow. It is considered the best out of the three, and had a lot of positive reviews, and won a Goldener Bär Award at the Berlinale as well. After its previous ones, this movie shows us the childhood of Yusuf, our poet protagonist in the former movies. Since the trilogy’s timeline goes backward, this movie helps us to understand the reasons behind the evens of the former two movies.

In Bal, we see Yusuf as a kid who started to school not so long ago. While his father bee keeps for a living deep down in the forest, they live a peaceful life together. With his straight religious family and symbolic details, we sense the presence of mysticism, maybe even more than the previous movies. In the movie, one of the major details is the dream that Yusuf tells to his father. This stays as a secret between them, and we see how close they actually were, in the beginning. Besides, the life-changing period of Yusuf’s life will start with his father’s disappearance in the forest one day.

The movie is slow and minimalistic, and it needs you to focus on it in case if want to understand everything well.  But even in this atmosphere, Bal is striking, touching and surprising at the same time. Rather than most of the movies with a child protagonist, Bora Altas shows an astonishing performance in Bal and makes the movie definitely worth watching.



Bora Altas (Yusuf)

Erdal Besikcioglu (Yakup)

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Tulin Ozen (Keje)

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