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Mert Firat ( as Sinan )

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Also starred in:

Her Sey Seninle Guzel – Movie (2018)

Arif v 216 – Movie (2018)

Ufak Tefek Cinayetler – TV Series (2017-2018)

Yol Ayrimi – Movie (2017)

Ask ve Gurur – TV Series (2017)

Intikam – TV Series (2013-2014)

Kelebegin Ruyasi – Movie (2013)

Binbir Gece – TV Series (2007-2009)

… and many other projects.


Acelya Devrim Yilhan ( as Olcay )

Also starred in:

Yeni Baslayanlar Icin Hayatta Kalma Sanati – Movie (2017)

Kacin Kurasi – TV Series (2016)

Ve Panayir Koyden Gider – Movie (2015)

Leyla ile Mecnun – TV Series (2012-2013)


Other cast members

Tuba Unsal (as Ebru)

Also starred in:
Dunyanin En Guzel Kokusu 2 – Movie (2017)
Dunyanin En Guzel Kokusu – Movie (2016)
Cakallarla Dans – Movie (2010)
Bu kalp seni unutur mu? – TV Series (2009)
Vizontele Tuuba – Movie (2003)
… and many other projects.

 Kenan Ece (as Hakan)

Also starred in:
Avlu – TV Series (2018-…)
Taksim Hold’em – Movie (2017) Ask Olsun – Movie (2015)
Cingoz Recai – Movie (2017) Ertugrul 1890 – Movie (2015)

… and many other projects.

Beni Unutma, if you only take a quick look, looks pretty much like other romantic dramas, with a cheesy love story. Although what the movie is actually about is a sickness that we wouldn’t expect to happen to that character. With this, the movie lets you get surprised, shocked and devastated since this is the last thing we wanted to see happening to our protagonists.

Olcay is a free-spirited woman who had a happy relationship with her boyfriend Hakan until she learns that he was cheating on him. After she breaks up, she met Sinan by luck, and this coincidence leads their life to a different route. Sinan was, on the other hand, engaged to another woman. While everything seemed perfect, Sinan feels like something is missing with this happy ending, and leaves his fiancée in the altar. The difference of the endings of their relationships has no importance for them since they fall in love with each other so fast and deeply.

As we already expected, their perfect love story will not go that perfect for too long. With Sinan’s ex-fiancée trying to get involved in for revenge and Sinan’s hard time while he’s trying to understand what is wrong with Olcay, the story will go from romantic to dramatic so fast.

The most shocking part of the movie is the part we get to learn about Olcay’s sickness no doubt. Like the other good-quality movies that have mental illnesses as their main theme, Beni Unutma manages to give us hints about Olcay’s problem during the movie, many times. We, of course, can’t deny the actresses performance on this matter. Alzheimer is not a sickness we are used to seeing on young people, and with this fact, the movie manages to catch us vulnerable.

Besides the story and all, one of the strong sides of the movie is its good casting. Mert Firat and Acelya Devrim Yilhan fit their roles so perfectly and let you believe what you’re watching is real and possible. While we see Ebru more than Hakan during the movie, Kenan Ece puts a better performance than Tuba Unsal with no doubt. It feels like Unsal was not able to accept her role and it feels like her role is on the edge, but it still doesn’t disturb you when you focus on the complete movie with a non-judging eye.

By seeing what our main protagonists go through, we’ll feel sorry and happy with them at the same time while we’re watching this bittersweet movie. With its intriguing and striking story, Beni Unutma provides us with a love story to remember.


Written by Ezgi Guntut

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