Baran was a bandit hiding at Mount Cudi with his followers. As a well-known criminal, Baran gets caught one day with his friends and stays in prison for many years. After he gains his freedom back, there is one thing left for him to do: taking his revenge from his former best friend, Cumali.

The infamous bandit Baran was caught by the police one day, along with his followers. When he got out, he saw that his village was gone, as well as his lover, Keje. Baran knew that his best friend Cumali was behind his arrestment, and wants to find the reason for his betrayal.

The movie is one of the most famous movies in the country, mostly because of its quality scenario and acting. The acting of the main characters is magnificent, and its unique and catchy story makes you feel sorry for every character you were supposed to dislike. While Baran continues his journey through the bitter truth, the story also starts to unfold itself step by step alongside him. It is so good that you can start to be able to imagine what Baran feels about every new event. The final of the movie is very striking because of this and gives you an unforgettable feeling of sorrow and relief at the same time.

According to many, Eskiya is a legendary movie for the Turkish Cinema and is considered a movie that was ahead of its time.




Sener Sen (Baran)

Uger Yucel (Cumali)

Also starred in :

Fahriye Abla

Aşık Oldum



Selamsız Bandosu

Muhsin Bey


Aziz Ahme



Karanlıkta Koşanlar


Hırsız Polis

New York, I Love You

Canım Ailem

Soul Kitchen

Ejder Kapanı


Nefes Nefese


Sermin Hurmeric (Keje)

Also starred in :

Yesim Salkim (as Emel)

Ozkan Ugur (as Sedat)

Kamran Usluer (as Berfo)


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