Sureya ( Asli Enver ) lives in Istanbul with her Senem ( Neslihan Yeldan ). She is a graduate of music from the conservatory in Istanbul. She makes her living by singing in bars, nightclubs and at celebration events and also works in a coffee shop. She meets Faruk Boran and falls in love.

Frank is a rich guy, he is head of his family business. He also falls in love with Sureya. The one big obstacle in the way is Esma Sultan ( Ipek Bilgin ). Esma is head of the Boran family and with her four sons she is very protective of them, and Sureya is not her idea of a good daughter-in-law.

Faruk and Sureya get married and they move into the large family home in Bursa. Sureya has a very difficult time at the hands of her Mother in law. Who tries to make her life a misery. However, Sureya will not give up and while still being respectful manages to turn the home of the Borans upside down with her unwavering love for Faruk.


Ozcan Deniz  ( Faruk Boran ) Head of the Boran family, loves Sureya despite his Mums opposition.

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Asli Enver ( Sureya Boran ) A free-spirited girl who will fight for her love.

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Ipek Bilgin ( Esma Sultan ) Matriarch of the Boran family.

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Other cast members

Salih Bademci ( Fikret Boran ) Works in the family business and married to Ipek.

Guven Murat Akpinar ( Osman Boran ) Third eldest of the family. Very studious and quiet.

Berkay Hardal ( Murat Boran ) The youngest of the family, still at college and likes to play around.

Neslihan Yeldan ( Sanem Tayze ) Sureya’s aunt, she loves Sureya and will do anything to support her.

Dilara Aksuyek ( Ipek Boran ) Wife of Fikret and very sneaky and underhanded.

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Written By – Rachel Labidi

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