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Kemal ( Burak Ozcivit ) is a young man from a working family and is studying to be a mining engineer. Nihan ( Neslihan Atagul ) comes from a rich family. They meet when Kemal saves Nihan from drowning. They fall in love and want to get married. Emir ( Kaan Urgancioglu ) has loved Nihan for years but she has no interest in him.

Nihan has a twin brother Ozcan who Emir makes believe he has killed a girl. In return for covering up the crime, he wants to marry Nihan. He will go to any lengths to get Nihan. As she loves her brother dearly she agrees to marry Emir to save her brother. She then breaks off her relationship with Kemal without giving him any explanation. Kemal goes away and on his return, he knows Nihan isn’t happy so he sets about trying to find the real truth as to why she broke up with him.

Kara Sevda is a good series, there are plenty of characters all who play a part in making this a series that won an International Emmy Award.


Burak Ozcivit ( Kemal Soydere ) Student who comes from a working-class family. Falls in love with a rich girl who suddenly leaves him without an explanation.

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Neslihan Atagul ( Nihan Sezin ) A girl from a well-off family. To save her brother she has to marry a man she hates.

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Kaan Urgancoglu ( Emir Kozcuoglu ) Obsessed with Nihan and will do everything and anything to keep Nihan with him.

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Zerrin Tekindor ( Leyla ) She lives alone and loves Kemal and Nihan and will help them both to get together.

Melisa Asli Pamuk ( Asu ) She is the adopted daughter of Kemal’s boss. She falls in love with him but he first sees her more like a sister. She too will cause issues for Kemal and Nihan.

Hazal Filiz Kucukkose ( Zeynep ) Kemals younger sister who gets used by Emir but she loves him.

Ali Burak Ceylan ( Tufan ) Emirs assistant who does all of the sneaking and underhand dealings for Emir.

Kara Sevda was broadcast 2015/2017. It was aired on StarTV and was an Ay Yapim production. It had 74 episodes divided into two seasons.


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