Two brothers started another journey to an Aegean village for Tato’s, a friend of two brothers’ funeral. While trying to finish their adventurous journey without any more problem, can they make it on time for Hakan’s wedding which is just in 2 days?

The friend of our famous brothers, Tato, is dead. Ozan and Hakan get prepared to attend his funeral in an Aegean village, but it won’t be as easy as they expected.

Hakan is engaged to Didem, who is the daughter of a wealthy trader in Rize. Even while the wedding is in just two days, Didem’s father strongly opposes the wedding and is not giving his blessing to the couple. Like this wasn’t enough for our protagonists to stress out, on their journey which was supposed to end with a funeral, they encounter more problems, and more adventures. While the road takes them to places that they weren’t expecting, we are watching how they will be dealing with the problems they got.

The movie is made as the sequel of its former, “Kardesim Benim.” The most surprising part of the movie is probably that we can’t see Zeynep (Asli Enver) as we did in the former one. The story continues without her, and the character Didem fills the gap that she left.

The movie starts quite similar to the former one, as there is a funeral again, and it causes a journey together for the brothers. However, this movie doesn’t give us the same feeling as the first one. While the first movie managed to attract the audience and caught their attention, the latter one seems to be a little dull, and the lack of the character Zeynep doesn’t let you get warmer to the movie like a sequel it is. While the story is not considered a bad one, the movie can’t get connected with the audience, and can even be boring for some.

Still, if you don’t have high expectations in the next movie you’ll watch, or if you just love the main actors starring, it can be a fun and relaxing movie to watch. The movie may not be flowing while you watch as it was with the previous one, but if you are curious about what happened next, Kardesim Benim 2 is definitely worth a shot.


Burak Ozcivit (Hakan)

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Also starred in :

Can Feda – Movie (2018)

Kardesim Benim 2 – Movie (2018)

Kara Sevda – TV Series (2015-2017)

Guvercin Ucuverdi – Movie (2015)

Ask Sana Benzer – Movie (2015)

Calikusu – TV Series (2013-2014)

Muhtesem Yuzyil – TV Series (2011-2013)

Kucuk Sirlar – TV Series (2010)

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Zoraki Koca – TV Series (2007-2008)

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Eksi 18 – TV Series (2006)

Murat Boz (Ozan)


Also starred in:

Kardesim Benim 2 (2017)

Firildak Ailesi (2017)

Donerse Senindir (2016)

Hadi Insallah (2014)

Other cast members  

Pinar Deniz (as Didem)

Also starred in:

Bir Deli Ruzgar – TV Series (2018)

Vatnim Sensin – TV Series (2016-2018)

Gunebakan – TV Series (2015)

Leyla Feray (as Leyla)

Also starred in:

Muhtesem Yuzyil: Kosem – TV Series (2016-2017)

Ferdi Sancar (as Tato)

Also starred in:

Koca Koca Yalanlar – TV Series (2018)

Dumduzz Adam – Movie (2018)

Aslan Ailem – TV Series (2017)


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