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The movie is based on a real-life incident between The American and Turkish soldiers at Northern Iraq. In the movie, one of the Turkish soldiers sends a letter to Polat Alemdar before his suicide. After Polat learns about the situation, he makes a move to find a solution.


Necati Sasmaz (as Polat Alemdar)

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Billy Zane (as Sam William Marshall)

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Other cast members   

Gurkan Uygun (as Memati Bas)

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Ghassan Massoud (as Abdurrahman Halis Karuki)

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Berguzar Korel (as Leyla)

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Kurtlar Vadisi: Irak is based on a real-life story. In 2003, when American soldiers attack a Turkish base in Northern Iraq, they make the Turkish soldiers inside wear sacks on their heads and get them deported. After their pride as a soldier gets damaged like that, one of the soldiers, Suleyman Aslan, writes a letter to his close friend Polat Alemdar, right before he commits suicide. When Polat learns what’s going on he travels to the same base to see what is going on.

The movie is a part of the famous Kurtlar Vadisi series, and like every movie of the series, it caused real excitement. But actually the movie is in a really bad shape, and even if you are a real fan of the series, it will probably disappoint you. While the acting is really bad with the main actor like it was in the TV Series, the created characters also don’t give you any chance to see if they can even act properly or not. Also, most of the movie’s scenes are almost a copy-paste of the real-life event that inspired the movie. Even if it’s an inspired movie, there is no effort given to make it a proper movie and makes it look like a political documentary only.

The only thing that can be praised about the movie can be its action element, which makes you think that the movie was made just by trusting that part of it. With its battle scenes and all, it is not a bad effort. Still, the movie is nothing but a political discussion cause, and for most, is no cinema material.

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