Yusuf was just released from prison which he got in because of murder. While he feels lost in life after all those years, his whole life changes again when he met with Ugur and Bekir one day.

Yusuf is a man who got into prison for honour killing her sister and his best friend, and after he gets out he feels like life has no meaning for him. While he was in that depressive mood, he meets two people, a strong and independent streetwalker, Ugur and a man who loves her obsessively, Bekir. The movie drags you from one feeling to another and makes you question your life and philosophical ideas about innocence and guiltiness.

All main characters we see have their own guilt and wrong-doings in life. Still, while you’re watching it, you’ll feel sorry for them, and maybe even like them despite all their mistakes. The story gives us a brand new idea of innocence as it is implied in the title of the movie.

The movie is and should be considered as a masterpiece. The acting of the main characters, especially Bekir’s (Haluk Bilginer) unforgettable monologue, is spotless. The scenario is well-thought and intense, and the story will touch anyone who watches’ heart for sure. With the perfect directing of one of Turkey’s best directors, Zeki Demirkubuz, Masumiyet is definitely a must see movie for everyone.




Guven Kirac (Yusuf)

Also starred in :

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Haluk Bilginer (Bekir)

Also starred in :

Halloween – Movie (2018)

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Derya Alabora (Ugur)

Also starred in :

Deliha 2 – Movie (2017)

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