Mert, a rich man who thinks that he managed to create his own perfect world, claims that he is a “Happiness Expert”. One day, he unexpectedly meets Ada, the woman who will change everything in his life before he notices.

In the movie, one of the most interesting characters is our male protagonist Mert. Mert is a rich and snob young man who thinks that he can be happy by avoiding his past and creating a “perfect” life for himself. Just whenever Ada gets involved in his life surprisingly, Mert will realise that he hit the rough weather, and his life will change its course to an unexpected journey. Unlike Mert’s personality, we see Ada as a woman who built her life on her past and is an artistic and creative soul. Due to an accident that took place in his company, Mert is forced to work with his employee Tarik and make him happier in just one month. But there is something that he doesn’t know: The woman he is trying to win over (Ada) is Tarik’s little sister.

The strongest part of this movie is surely Tarik’s personality. With Tarik character, the movie drags you in, and you want to keep watching it with joy. The comedy element that he brings to the movie saves it from being a cheesy romantic movie. With Cengiz Bozkurt’s outstanding performance, the movie is able to attract the audience and give them a good time.

The two main protagonists of the movie are a duo that we’re familiar to see together. Since they have been working together for some time, we can feel the great energy between the actors while watching the movie. The love element that’s created between the characters Ada and Mert is quite unusual and is an obvious example of the opposites’ attract.

With the funny dialogues and the unique love story of two different people, Mutluluk Zamani is a great and light movie which you can watch easily, and get relaxed.


Baris Arduc (Mert)

Also starred in :

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Racon – TV Series (2015)

Deliha – Movie (2014)

Sadece Sen – Movie (2014)

Bugunun Saraylisi – TV Series (2013-2014)

Dinle Sevgili – TV Series (2011)

Kucuk Hanimefendi – TV Series (2011)

Elcin Sangu (Ada)

Also starred in :

Carpisma – TV Series (2018- )

Kiz Meselesi – Movie (2018)

Yasamayanlar – TV Series (2018)

Kiralik Ask – TV Series (2015-2017)

Sevdam Alabora – Mini-series (2015)

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Oyle Bir Gecer Zaman Ki – TV Series (2013)

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Ask Kac Beden Giyer? – TV Series (2013)


Cengiz Bozkurt (Tarik)

Also starred in:

Jet Sosyete – TV Series (2018- )

Ailecek Saskiniz – Movie (2018)

Seven Ne Yapmaz – Mini-series (2017)


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