Gunes, open the door son.

It turned out that the child’s father is Firat Bolukbasi.


Did you really kill someone, Dad?

You turned and walked away when my father was dying in the ring. How can you come back now??

Don’t you trust your brother?

We will overcome these days. I’m telling you everything will be ok.

It won’t.

Wherever I go and whatever I do the past haunts me.

Why are you holding back? whats with this Kafkas guy, brother?

You sent the great Nejdet to his death right in front of my eyes.

Do you wonder Akif why I haven’t killed you after all this time?

Nobody means to kill anyone. And especially never you Dad.

You are the biggest champion and the best dad.

There was a brother here shouting at my dad, he must not call my dad a murderer.

My dad is not a killer. He is a champion.

You didn’t just kill my brother that night Kafkas you killed us all.

Yes, I killed everyone…Kafkas ( me ) too.


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