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These were hard times for Istanbul, the city was under attack and almost every country was declaring war to the Ottoman Empire. When the future saviour of the country calls for his aid, Yandim Ali’s life turns to a different direction: from a rowdy man to an independence fighter.


Kenan Imirzalioglu (as Yandim Ali)

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Cansu Dere (as Defne)

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Emin Boztepe (as Guro)

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Engin Senkan (as Cukurcesmeli Osman)

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… and many other projects.

Son Osmanli Yandim Ali is a movie which was originally a comic book written some time ago. Even if it was adapted from a comic book, it is one of the best movies that were made about the times Istanbul and future Turkey has been through.

In the movie, you get to see how many problems Ottoman Empire faced, and how much effort Ataturk (the saviour) put in to make everything better. But the movie is not all about the historical part, you also witness a rough and reckless man’s transformation to a hero of the people. The change Yandim Ali experiences and the story that may attract anyone who watches, the movie deserves more credit than given. While you think that the acting may feel dull or unexciting, the actors actually put a great performance, and they get to create a successful movie for us.

For a war centred movie, Son Osmanli Yandim Ali has a good historical structure with almost no errors made despite it is not even a documentary but a created story. This keeps the movie connected with reality and gives you a better experience. While some visual effect may be a little too much for the movie from time to time, I’m sure it won’t disturb you at all since you’ll be pretty caught up with the story.

With its creative and intriguing story and exciting events, the movie is a must watch for historical action movies with a pinch of drama added in.

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