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Pelin ( Leyla Lydia Tugutlu ) is about to get married to Tolga ( Can Tergis )  but he disappears on the wedding day.  A lady tells her that the bad luck she is having is due to her being cruel to someone in her past. After much thinking about what this could be she realises that she rejected a boy at school called Tankut ( Furkan Andic ) in front of everyone. She sets out to find him to apologise for her behaviour.

Meanwhile, Tankut was hit hard by the rejection and humiliation and leaves. He goes abroad and becomes a very well renowned chef. He opens his own restaurant and he has never forgotten his ordeal and he too wants to get his revenge. Now Tankut looks nothing like the geeky nerd who Pelin rejected.

The cast of this series was very good. Apart from the main characters, the supporting cast are also very good accomplished actors.


Furkan Andic ( Tankut Sinan ) A man who was humiliated at school but returns a different person looking for revenge.

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Leyla Lydia Tugutlu ( Pelin ) A girl from a well to do family. She is a dietician and needs to find the guy she humiliated in high school to apologise and reverse her bad luck.

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Zeyno Gunenc ( Suheyla )

Can Nergis ( Tolga )

Aysenil Samlioglu ( Meliha )

Baris Gonenen ( Serkan )

Kerem Atabeyoglu ( Riza )


Tatli Intikam was broadcast in 2016 for one season, there were a total of 30 episodes. It was aired on Kanal D and was produced by D Productions.

Written By – Rachel Labidi

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