Cihan  : Shouldnt we have a plan?

Kuzgun  : No.

Cihan  : Brother, we can enter, we may even get out but this looks like a secure place, we may make trouble.

Kuzgun  : There’s no time Cihan, Dila could be here.

Ferman  : The valuables are not in that room.

Kuzgun  : I’m not a thief.

Ferman  : Thats what they all say. If I were you I would start with the shelves.

Kuzgun  : What part of ‘ I am not a theif ‘ don’t you understand?

Ferman  : Are you sure?

Kuzgun : Who are you?

Ferman  : Wait we have to go slowly…  Introduction to Turkish Criminal Law. It says the meaning of crime and punishment. For example…gambling… so everything you have fits in the one book… Kuzgun Cebeci.

Kuzgun  : You? Ha?

Ferman : That’s right you will recognise… I’m Ferman Koruoglu.

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